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The philosophy/essence and purpose of OYES Volunteers Scheme

1) OYES is a revolving volunteers scheme designed to eliminate the frustration and paralyzing effect of unacceptably high and seemingly intractable youth unemployment pervasive in Osun nay, Nigeria. It aims at creating a bridge to employment by equipping as many young men and women ; our new youth, with positive work ethics and culture, self sustenance, resourcefulness and respect for the environment. It is designed to develop youths with Character and Competence (the 2 Cs) – infusing them with HONOUR AND INTEGRITY IN LIFE....the virtues of an Omoluwabi


2) The OYES corps are deployed to productive services in identified areas of socio-economic life and paid a basic allowance to help cover basic needs. They are also smartly kitted for group identity and high morale.


3) In the past year, OYES cadets have performed extremely well on communal, social, economic and environmental projects of importance to the general public and have become an enviable marker for youth espirit de corps and can be proud of their presence in the community.


4) At the same time public reaction to their emergence, presence and activity in the community has been exceedingly positive.


5) In sharpening and heightening their civic responsibility in general and work ethics in particular, membership in the scheme has given the OYES corps members clear advantages in the general economy facilitating their attractiveness, suitability and in many cases recruitment into the civil service, agencies of government, private organisations who are partnering with the state government on the scheme, private sector employers, and patronage by government of their products and services.


6) Successful participation in the scheme is a unique opportunity for most corps members to acquire correct life attitudes, self confidence and improved skills within one year on the scheme.


7) The scheme could only accommodate 8% of those who applied as clearly shown below. When the OYES scheme was advertised, the enormity and size of skilled and graduate youth unemployment was revealed:

a. Over 250,000 youths applied to join the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) as Cadet Volunteers in December 2010. Majority of these were high school and tertiary institution graduates who had not found work eight to ten years after graduation.

b. Of this quarter of a million applicants, about 200,000 were qualified to serve as Cadet Volunteers but the scheme is meant for 20,000.

c. As promised in the PACT with the people of Osun State, 20,000 persons were recruited as the first batch of the OYES in fulfillment of Governor Aregbesola’s promise to engage 20,000 persons within his first 100 days in office.

d. A responsible People Friendly Government ( PFG) cannot ignore such a large and growing pool of qualified and competent youth desirous of some form of engagement to improve their lives. That is why the scheme must be a rolling and not static scheme. In so doing your government would at the end of the day have turned almost a quarter of a million previously stagnating, frustrated and confused young men and women into good quality, highly motivated citizens, who are work ready and exceptionally competitive for the Nigerian economy and society.

e. In the above context, the win-win, is the robust exit strategy that has been put in place to facilitate the entrance of the first batch into the Nigerian economy, by improving their capacity, empowering them and virtually ensuring that they can better walk into life- long careers. As part of the exit strategy, they shall be armed with new skills, entrepreneurship and mentoring as part of efforts of the government of the State of Osun to prepare them for honourable and gainful exit from the scheme.

f. This would create a healthy flow into the state and national economies and at the same time allow another batch of 20,000 still unemployed youths to experience the benefits of serving as Cadet Volunteers in OYES.

g. At OYES, a family culture is emerging which will enable graduating volunteers to remain part of the scheme as proud alumni and ambassadors for OYES after meritoriously being stamped as cadets of a corps designed to shape character and infuse competence...our 2Cs for their lives ....GEGE BI OMOLUWABI

The OYES Story

OYES is a revolving volunteers scheme designed to eliminate the frustration and paralyzing effect of unacceptably high and seemingly intractable youth unemployment pervasive in Osun nay, Nigeria. It aims at creating a bridge to


Our Approach

The OYES scheme was introduced on 17th Dec 2010 with public service announcements and communications through adverts on Radio and TV (OSBC , Unique F.M) . These were followed with adverts in four newspapers (one each in The

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