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Free Entrepreneurship Training And Strategic Partners Program

Free Entrepreneurship Training And Strategic Partners Program


The Government, State of Osun in partner with eZ-Xpo offers private individuals, businesses and government institutions a free all-in-one online training solution.
Delivering both real-time conferencing and anytime collaboration, on-demand training as well as real-time webinars that enables learners to interact with facilitator and strategic partners both real-time or off-time.


Unique Value Proposition – (TABLE)

It will help the business community and non profit organizations to offer FREE training in diverse area of entrepreneurship, salespersons partnership program, apprenticeships, engineering development, internship and Innovative finance initiative training program in a strategic partnership. (1). Unemployed Youths by Local Government Areas, LGAs and Local Council Development Areas, LCDAs
It will help the business community leverage government online training network to create course content, promote anytime instructor-led courses, build brands, deliver third-party courses and content (1). Unemployed Youths  
(2). The entire Business community (experts, policy makers, captains of industry, community leaders, trade organizations, chambers of commerce, diaspora communities, non-profit to provide leadership).
It will help independent Course Content facilitators, Training Consultants, Educational institutions present beneficiaries with a specilized selection of course content based on possible niche industry and needs.
(1). Unemployed Youths by Local Government Areas, LGAs and Local Council Development Areas, LCDAs

The Government, State of Osun is jump-starting its Free Entrepreneurship Training and Strategic Partners Program with eZ-Xpo SEO Booster Certification Traning Program –  For school certificate holders, undergraduates, and unemployed graduates to start a career as a SEO Manager.

Course Objective or Benefit of being a SEO Certified Manager
-  Monthly Recurring Income for being able to host virtual events and build out SEO booster for every virtual event for massive daily traffic
-  High Demand in all companies
-  Flexible Schedule 24/7
-  No Boundary

SEO is the lowest denominator of all business operations, as every organization needs to get their site KNOWN & FOUND in Google search

Dates: 29 May 2017 – 28 August 2017

Cost: FREE

Target: (1) School certificate holders, undergraduates, unemployed graduates and other Unemployed Youths  by Local Government Areas, LGAs and Local Council Development Areas, LCDAs.

Training Session: May 25th, 2017 – Ongoing .
Learners have the option of either training in a “live” atmosphere, or recording their material so that it can be viewed for “on demand” training. 
This allows learners to access the material when it is most convenient.

Registration: Online registration begins on May 25th, 2017 and ongoing for the entire duration of the training program - Click to Register FREE as a Learner: http://classroom.24hreducation.com/osun/learner_register:


eZLearning Management SystemWe hereby invite businesses, course content facilitators, and training consultants to leverage government training network to teach or train on specific learning skills and products/services; offer online education track with certification; create online courses (both live and on-demand) and a portfolio of elearning library to educate attendees on their products and service; build brands, deliver third-party courses and content
Location: Businesses, course content facilitators, and training consultants are invited to propose specific learning skills, courses, online education track with certification by State, LGA and LCDA.

For additional information on social learning, eLMS and strategic partners program, please click on the link as follows: http://classroom.24hreducation.com/osun/events


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