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Job Creation, Empowerment and 24/7 Business Summit

Job Creation, Empowerment and 24/7 Business Summit


The Government, State of Osun in partner with eZ-Xporeinvents the trade show and lead generation industry by creating a worldwide partnership base, or collaborative environment where private individuals, businesses and government institutions can connect, collaborate, and promote their products/services; and connect to thousands in a virtual expo network marketplace, like what LinkedIn and Facebook have done for friends and families.


Unique Value Proposition – (TABLE)

It will help create 200,000+ Jobs, stimulate entrepreneurship and help identify new business opportunities. (1). 200,000+ Unemployed Youths by Local Government Areas, LGAs and Local Council Development Areas, LCDAs.
It will help the business community trigger off industrialization in a strategic partnership with State Government institutions via Virtual Business Summit namely Job Fair, Empowerment Program, Healthcare Expo, Agric Expo, Education Expo, Telecom Expo, Real Expo, Genius expo, Sports festival, Cultural Expo etc (1). Unemployed Youths,
(2). The entire Business community (experts, policy makers, captains of industry, community leaders, trade organizations, chambers of commerce, diaspora communities, non-profit to provide leadership).
It will help announce government events, sensitization and empowerment programs (1). The Public Sector,
(2). All Residence and Online Visitors.
It will help all government institutions and businesses to showcase their products and services; run promos, offer redeemable gift voucher to enhance citizen’s loyalty, participation, and sustainability of programs and events (1). The Business Community,
(2). The Public Sector,
(3), All Residence and Online Visitors.


The Government, State of Osun is jump-starting its Virtual Summit with: 
Job Creation, Empowerment and 24/7 Business Summit

THEME OF CONFERENCE: Exploring best business practices to create additional new jobs, help trigger-off industrialization, and identify new business opportunities in the State of Osun.

Dates: 29 May 2017 – 28 May 2018. (All-Year-Round)

Cost for Attendees: FREE

Target Participants:
(1). Unemployed Youths,
(2). The entire business community such as organize private sector, experts, policy makers, captains of industry, community leaders, trade organizations, chambers of commerce, diaspora communities, non-profit to brainstorm and come out with a strategic plan on creating new jobs, empowerment, and to provide global and regional leadership to improve the economic potentials of the citizens.

Registration is ongoing - Click to Register FREE as an Attendee: https://ezxpo.net/osun/attendee_register

Collaborative Network: We hereby invite the entire business community and event organizers to leverage government collaborative network to host events in specific niche industry (i.e. banking, agriculture, real estate, insurance, telcoms, health care, education, sports etc.) and in diverse areas of entrepreneurship such as salespersons partnership training, apprenticeships, engineering development, internship, innovative finance initiative training, women in technology partnership, and constituency partnership program etc
Location: – busineses and event organizers are invited to propose events by State, LGA and LCDA.


Call for Paper and Video Conference Presentation
Conference: Job Creation, Empowerment and 24/7 Business Summit
Topics Covered: We seek papers and videos describing significant contributions to the theme of conference. 
We therefore invites possible Authors and Speakers from entire buisness community and others to propose panels, roundtables, workshops and conferences.
Submission GuidelinesWe kindly ask you to submit in following format via electronic application
Paper Presentation: Virtual briefs such as Power Point presentation, PDF files etc. 
Video Conference Presentation: These are Video recordings (mp4), posters, corporate showcases; 
All Papers and Video Conference Presentations will be available at Manage Event Session web-page and the customized government virtual auditorium respectively.

For additional information on conferences, exhibition, Collaborative Network, Call for Paper and Video Conference Presentation, please click on the link as follows


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