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Our Approach

The OYES scheme was introduced on 17th Dec 2010 with public service announcements and communications through adverts on Radio and TV (OSBC , Unique F.M) . These were followed with adverts in four newspapers (one each in The Nation, Punch, Guardian and Osun Defender). This was less than 20 days into the new government of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola and an indication of the sense of purpose and vision of the new administration.

Distribution of the forms (100 thousand in first batch) commenced on 20th Dec throughout the 30 Local Governments and Ife East Area Office, supervised by 31 officers from the State Civil Service (designated as OYES Local Government Coordinators) who reported to a State Coordinator( a Director in the MDDG office).

Further communications were through use of posters distributed all over the state through the Coordinators, and a Youth organisation, De Young group.

In response to artificial scarcity created by overwhelming response by prospective corps members and the populace, 150,000 more forms were printed and these were mopped up again quickly. The forms were then made available for download over the website http://oyes.osunstate.gov.ng. Closing date for return of forms was also extended from 24th Dec 2010 to 7th Jan 2011.


Compilation, processing and data capture for database was from 10th Jan to 25th January and this was done in the State as part of capacity building using resources in the State Government, the Local Governments and Osun State University Osogbo. Shortlist of candidates was from 28th Jan to 3rd February. The criteria were defined with weighted percentages for Gender, Age, Qualification, Local Government of origin etc. Special provisions were also made for minorities from other tribes in Nigeria who are residents of Osun.

Training of Trainers commenced on Jan 31st 2011 in preparation for the resumption to training camps of the first set of corps scheduled for 7th Feb 2011.

The first volunteer corps list was released early morning 4th Feb 2011 while registration and issuance of kits followed up by training started 7th Feb 2011 in 31 Local Governments and Ife East Area office.

An anonymous SMS we received on Sat Feb 26th is a pointer to the unbiased public perception of the process by the populace: ‘’ We appreciate how u handle OYES. U are not selfish and d4 increasing our hope dt God exists. U are seriously teaching us 2 be Omoluabi. We are proud of u. ‘’ I’m an admirer of d Governor ….. ‘’.


The training of the OYES cadets is designed to build Character and Competence supported by Physical fitness. It is designed to bring out the Omoluabis (Virtue) in our OYES Corps.


To energise the comatose economy left behind by the administration sent packing, 35,000 uniforms for the Corps members were sewn by the tailors resident in Osun State through their umbrella union Nigerian Union of Teachers while 5000 units only were sewn outside as emergency backup.

First Bank Plc partnered with OYES to open accounts for the corps members at the registration centres such that their payments could be automated and paid directly to the bank with no cash handling. Cadets were subsequently issued ATM cards with which they are paid their monthly allowances. It is noteworthy that up to 80% of the cadets were first time account holders and first time card holders. The OYES corps enjoyed unprecedented separate allowance for training /camp alongside a monthly allowance which covered same period.


The volunteers were given one week leave after training after which they were deployed for public sanitation which called for immediate attention due to the level of the filth. They were later deployed into Public Works Brigade, Green Gang, Osun Sheriff Corps, Traffic Marshalls, Osun Paramedics, Sanitation Czars.


At the education summit organised in February 2011 to find solutions to arrest the total decay observed in the education sector, it was discovered that an unacceptably acute shortfall of teachers existed in the secondary schools. The Governor, Ogbeni (Mr) Rauf Aregbesola immediately approved creation of a new cadre, Teachers Corps in OYES through which 5400 graduate OYES cadets were seconded to schools.

Corps members’ boots are being produced within Osun while their tools etc are sourced locally further deepening the economic impact and democratising access to wealth. OYES has been described as a phenomenal idea whose conception and implementation is unprecedented in the world in social impact and economic benefits to the people.

The OYES Story

OYES is a revolving volunteers scheme designed to eliminate the frustration and paralyzing effect of unacceptably high and seemingly intractable youth unemployment pervasive in Osun nay, Nigeria. It aims at creating a bridge to


Our Approach

The OYES scheme was introduced on 17th Dec 2010 with public service announcements and communications through adverts on Radio and TV (OSBC , Unique F.M) . These were followed with adverts in four newspapers (one each in The

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